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We are proud to say we are under standards and regulatory ethics and compliance of SAI Global certification and more.



The number of countries we provide full services to.

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Different types of products and services we provide in making our world more E'Co friendly.


Major projects we have on going in support of making our life and environment more E'Co friendly. You too can be part of it all in making our world a better place for generation to come.

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This how long and how much we have been providing our services, improving and learning new ways in making World of E'Co better for tomorrow's world.

Check out our recycle services

These are some of World of E'Co recycling services offered among other services we provide.
  • World of E'Co Recycle it.Home Recycle Products

    This varies from clothing, Shoes & Bags, Beds & Ensembles, Electronics, Furniture, Mattresses and many other house hold items.
  • World of E'Co Recycle it.Industrial & Commercial Recycle Products

    These are related items to Aerosol/Non Aerosol Batteries, Broken Pallets, Confidential Destruction, Contaminated Fuel Disposal, Crates (treated & untreated) and many more.
  • World of E'Co Recycle it.Office Recycle Products

    Items such as Cardboard, Confidential Docs, Desk Recycling, Electronic Waste, Office Furniture, Paper, Phones, Printer Cartridges, Stationery , Uniforms/Work wear, and many others.