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Position for ICT Support and Testing Engineer / Systems Engineer

E’Co seeks to improve environmental services throughout Australia through collection, recycling and appropriate disposal of waste and rubbish. This is achieved through recycling: education, development, processing, and export facility in Landsdale WA 6065 and Malaysia. E’Co has a number of clients throughout Africa and its main markets are based in Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique.
We have had a twofold increase in business this last quarter and through extensive communications with our African clients we need to implement a new IT system that would enable an easier way to place, trace and monitor orders. Additionally the system should enable the client to appropriately inform E’Co about the sales and frequency which will enhance our ability to provide top customer service. Additionally we have significant issues with damage and theft of donated goods through the local bins and would like to expand upon some current practices involving GPS and tagging to improve the security of donated products and improve the cost effectiveness of collection of goods throughout the metropolitan area.

ICT Support and Testing Engineer / Systems Engineer Role – ANZCO 263299 / ANZSCO 263111
We are seeking a suitably qualified and experienced person to develop, monitor, test and refine an improved 2 main systems, the first is a sales and mentoring application for customers in Africa that would be accessible to E’Co.
The second would be the development of a system of electronic monitoring and reporting of the level of donations per bin which would inform E’Co of best collection routes and needs, therefore improving on environmental costs of transport but additionally being more cost effective and making best use of staff management.

• Bachelors in Software Engineering, IT, Networking.

• Minimum of 5 years professional work experience in an international environment in the area of IT support.
• Understanding of global environmental concerns regarding recycling and clothing trade.
• Experience working in Africa (West or East), Asia (Malaysia), Australia would be advantageous.
• Language skills in any west African language and Mandarin would be advantageous.

• Advanced verbal and written communication skills.
• Programming language skills.
• Network management skills.
• Software development process & testing.
• Mobile UI Application design, testing and management.

Wages and remuneration
• An annual wage of $85 - $94k will be offered with standard annual leave of 4 weeks and superannuation.

Position for Electrical Engineer

Over the past 12 months security has become paramount. This includes the initial stage of donations and bins in the community – but also through the bales and shipping of goods from Perth and Malaysia and their delivery to their respective locations.
It has now become imperative that we do initial R&D concerning implementing a GPS tracking and on bail’s sent overseas and video recording/management and quantity information on donation bins as well as new tagging for the mechanical conveying machinery in Perth and Malaysia.
We offer a competitive wage ($69k) and good working conditions for the right candidate. We have a strong team that has been employed over long periods of time. There is a strong emphasis on Occupational Health and Safety as well as management of a multi professional team.

About the role
The role is responsible for the research and development and implementation of a user friendly and effective security and tracking system for the donation bins, donations, transport, bail’s of goods from their initial location in Perth to their sorting and management location in Port Klang and their respective customer locations.
There are a number of best practice and laws that will need to be complied with, least of all the occupational health and safety of employees and contractors utilising this technology but also Local and State government environmental and privacy laws concerning the recording and utilisation of security camera and tracking devices.

This involves the:
• Tertiary Education – in a related field or a strong understanding of processes and staff management.
• Product R&D and implementation.
• A trade or factory/production background with a focus on targets, occupational health and safety and production needs.
• Can work within and understand the importance of ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation.
• Based Locally in Western Australia.
• Prepared to travel to Malaysia regularly and Africa and SE Asia quarterly.
• Multi Lingual in one or more of the following languages:- English, Indonesian, Malaysian, Hindi, but serious preference will be given to Mandarin (The biggest market for raw material from recycled products - China).
• Has been exposed to business or worked in a family business.
• Good English oral and written skills.
• Willing team member.
• Can communicate at all levels of company structure.
• Has initiative, vision and common-sense.
• Is highly motivated to succeed and can work unsupervised.
• Be prepared to undertake further professional training to enhance skill sets.
• Can demonstrate a personal interest in the future Environment and Recycling.

Published on: January 16, 2019