E’Co Business Efficiency

Ways E'Co business efficiency will help improve your business today.


Do the mice play when the cat is away? Go on holiday, run your business from home. Install a CCTV system you can watch on your computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world. You will also watch your productivity increase. It is amazing how people work more when they think they are being watched. Reduce your chances of a work related injury claim.

There are thousands of systems and prices out there but there is one simple rule. It is not what you see at the time but the quality of the vision when you play it back that counts. We can have cameras for offices, car parks, even cameras that can see in the dark. You can record weeks of vision with the right systems.

It is a very complicated process but E’Co makes the complex system of finding the right product for you and your circumstances very simple, and surprisingly very cost effective.

Guaranteed to reduce waste. Waste of time, waste of your money. Cameras and surveillance is your best way to improve efficiency at work while you sit back and watch from the internet or your smart phone anywhere in the world with coverage.

Reduce theft and antisocial behaviour. Remember the key to this equipment is what images you can recover if ever you need to.
E'Co spent months researching and considering the hundreds of configurations and prices etc. We did this to make E'Co, our make our business more efficient.
We guarantee results based on our own experience. We are happy to discuss, suggest, educate and or even supply and fit as a one stop package to reduce your Waste:- money, time, and or efficiency.

2Fingerprint Machine

So people arrive late or leave early. Work colleagues clocking their friends in and out. Stop the waste of time and money. Your fingerprints are individual and our machines work by fingerprints.

They can be linked to your payroll service and can take into account break times, holidays, shifts etc.

Your payroll process and checking the validity of times submitted is neutralised. These machines are incredibly efficient and effective. They are reliable and accurate. They are also surprisingly affordable.

3Remote Cameras & Surveillance

Do you live on a farm where there is no power?
Do you want to capture illegal or anti-social behaviour?

We have battery-powered cameras which sense movement and take pictures. We have cameras which sense movement and send you an email picture.

We have cameras where you can dial in at any time and see what is going on. Put them on a lamp-post, a gate entrance or even watch covertly if people are stealing.
Dummy cameras are also available to deter would be thieves.

4Sound Devices

So you walk into the unmanned reception wondering what to do. Why don’t you install a very cost effective sound device triggered by movement that welcomes people into your reception area telling them them what to do.

What about using a sound device as a warning to people approaching a dangerous piece of equipment. What about installing a device in the unsupervised area telling who ever is there that they are on CCTV.

So you walk into an unmanned reception area ? Be greeted by a sound device which works on your presence. Instruct your visitor and or play them a message while they wait. What about a warning when approaching a dangerous area in the workshop or even when you walk onto an escalator.
Reduce your risks. These are very affordable devices and work in many different scenarios. What would you do if you were a burglar and someone started to talk to you when you are prowling?

5Time Alarms

So they knock off early and come back late. Sound familiar? Don’t leave your break times to chance. Install an alarm that sounds on time to start the break and again at the end of the break highlighting the people taking advantage.

Another E'Co reduce waste initiative. Reduce the amount of extra time your workers take for a break. Set this alarm at the start of a shift and at the end. It accounts for break and lunch times too. Nobody wants to be the last one at work after the siren - do they?

Again, E'Co developed these machines as a result of our own in house problems. We have done all the research and now can offer you a one stop solution which can include supply and installation if required. It is amazing how affordable these machines are, especially when compared to the stolen minutes multiplied by number of staff, multiplied by the weeks hours.

6Tracking Machines

Track your personnel and assets. Know where your salesmen, trades people or delivery drivers are at all times. Has someone stolen your boat, quad or trailer? Not for long!

Improve your customer service quickly and efficiently by re-routing the closest person to do the Job. Reduce your fuel costs and man-hours. It all makes sense to be in control.

E’Co has range of cost effective suggestions and products which will keep you and your staff on one level playing field.

E'Co are obsessed with eliminating waste. We can do all the practical reduce, reuse, recycle functions but then there is that enormous cost to business which is the waste of time, effort and money. Most of this occurs because of "People" taking advantage of the situation. Again, E'Co wanted to make its own business as efficient as possible to cover every aspect of our business from a reduction of waste point of view.

We wanted to know where our vehicles were to save duplicated trips and wasted omissions. To offer our customers the very best of communication and service. To make sure the drivers were not sitting on the beach with an ice cream. To know where our assets were. To know where the salesmen had been compared to their daily reports.

Even where the children are while we are at work. All this research and investigation is now available to you. Take control of your most important things - Track them. Ps. If the thief runs off with the asset, you know where to find it.

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