Why E’Co

The possibilities are endless at the World of E'Co

Services we offer at the World of E'Co goes a long way to endless possiblities of renovation and recycling of anything and everything.

We do provide other customised services based on request, we love to hear from you about any request of service that is of intrest to you. Tell us about it all, let's see how best we can be of more assistance.

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E'Co recycle it

This is where World of E’Co is unique. We look at waste as an opportunity and we realise many people want a one-stop solution to all their environmental, waste reduction and recycling issues.
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  • Recycle anything and everything100%

E'Co wipes

As an environmentally concerned organisation we are committed to reducing the 50% of all rag wipers thrown away unused.
  • See how E’Co customers saves time effort money and the environment75%


E'Co police

E’Co “ispy-u" cameras are catching illegal dumpers, people stealing and other anti-social behaviour. Provide E’Co details of anyone you recognise and we will send the information to the authorities for prosecution.


E'Co carpooling

Carpooling is simply two or more people travelling together in the same vehicle. By driving to work or any other location with others there will be fewer vehicles on the road, less pollution & immediate benefits for you.

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