You & E’Co

You & Me

You, the reader are the most important asset the environment has. It is free and easy to save your environment for when you and your future generations retire.

Simply join our mailing list and become an Environmentally Concerned Operator Today!

You are either a mum, dad, child, school, business, corporate, local or national government, or you work with one of these sectors.

You now have the chance to be instrumental in saving your own, and your children’s future environment. E’Co ‘Environmentally Concerned Organisation’, is one global organisation with potentially millions of ‘Environmentally Concerned Operators’ we are all going in One environmentally sustainable direction.

We have taken all the hard work out of all the complicated issues and all you have to do is get all your friends, neighbours, family, work colleagues and all the people you work for, including friends on Facebook to join E’Co and become part of this global environmental revolution & solution.

The theory is simple. One leads to ten. Ten lead to one hundred. If we all go in the same direction we will have conquered the environmental disease.

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After you, our children are the next best asset our environment has.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. The environment needs leaders. World of E’Co has invested heavily in E’Co Kids and the E’Co Kids website.

Register your children today, and let E’Co help them have fun while learning how to save our planet.

World of E’Co started educating children back in the year 2000, knowing it would take 20 – 30 years to get nationally and internationally recognised, but the 1st step must start from a point.

We are now over fourteen years in and well on track. It hasn't all been a plain sailing but our perseverance and determination to invest in today’s children because they are tomorrow’s leaders, its the best environmental investment we can make for you and our children.

Check out E’Co Kids website for further details.

World of E'Co started educating children back in the year 2000, knowing it would take 20 - 30 years to get nationally and internationally recognised, but someone had to start somewhere.

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Mums and Dads.

We all talk about taking a bullet for our children but it would be a lot easier and a lot less painful if you joined E’Co today – it’s free and it’s Fun.

Yourselves & children are the most precious asset this environment has. In order for your children to have a comfortable future, E’Co is trying to save tomorrow’s environment today.

As parents you can do simple things at home, but you also may be working for a business or a government department. Get them involved too. What about friends, and family members? The more people who join the World of E’Co, the more environmental sustainability we can achieve because we will all go in one (the same) direction. Remember, you and your children are the most important assets this environment has - this is something positive you can do for your family.

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Our Society

Schools are nurturing and teaching our most valuable environmental asset, our children.

Is your school an E'Co - an Environmentally Concerned Organisation? What level are you at?

Most of our teachers do a wonderful job but have to spend more of their planning time on researching the things E’Co Kids can put in place for them. E’Co believe today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. The world is such a small place now with transport and technology. Where will your students be in 20 years time?

The environment is the only thing we, as human beings, have in common. The environment is fundamental to every one of us. Every person, it is the common denominator between rich, poor, race, creed, country and language.

Amazingly, a lot of schools, especially in the developed world, are still not environmentally pro-active. Schools and education authorities depend on you, our teachers, to teach our children about environmental issues and recycling. But teachers are under a lot of pressure to produce outcome based results across numerous platforms, and although our teachers do a wonderful job, they have to spend a lot of their planning time researching the things that come naturally to E’Co.

Please don’t re-invent the wheel. E’Co is your One stop resource and solution. Get ideas and inspiration from established and proven programs, or share your ideas with other teachers struggling to keep up.

If Facebook can bring millions of people together for a chat, think what we could do for the environment with millions of people all going in one direction. We can have environmental sustainability. It is there to be had.

Get you and your school involved, and join our mailing list today. We are going in one direction, are you coming?

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Governments are made up of people (you and me).

Whether you are a local, national or an International government, balancing the environment on the same set of scales as economic factors and performance is a huge task / responsibility. But remember they said they could not put a man on the moon either. Welcome to World of E’Co one organisation going in one direction.

Is your Government Department an E'Co? An Environmentally Concerned Organisation.
  • There are many reasons your local or national government should become an E'Co - An Environmentally Concerned Organisation today. Why?

    Using 38 years of global experience, E’Co would like to bring all sectors of the government together from all over the world and table initiatives. E'Co has created a generic login page for you all to network together. Why?

    The Environment knows no boundaries, and neither should local or national governments.

    For example third world countries are doing more, in context, to save the global environment than developed nations because developed countries are constrained “unbearably” by old, antiquated and out dated laws which are stemming environmental progress.

    All Government sectors, as a priority, should review today all and any laws holding back environmental progress. Governments should be paving a clear path for environmental development and sustainability. May we suggest government bodies whether local, national or International leave the practical work to the private sector. Remember, if it is commercially viable it will be environmentally sustainable.

    Therefore encourage private enterprise. Then, all government has to do is audit and police.

    Second reason is continuity.

    The subject, “The environment” is gigantic and has so many elements. How many people do you know who have lasted more than 4 years in the same job? Most people look at the environment as a job, not a career. Although you may have a work instruction, with the environment there is so much work “outside” your particular organisation, and by the time the replacement has got up to speed, they will be looking to move on themselves. Therefore the environment is suffering from a lack of continuity.

    E’Co is creating continuity. E’Co is writing the instruction manual. However, we need all government agencies to join as an E’Co – an ‘Environmentally Concerned Organisation” and network through one organisation to share information in order to stop others re-inventing the wheel, and take us all in one direction.

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    The United Nations Global Compact

    What is the Global Compact? It is a strategic policy initiative for businesses and governments that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principals in the areas of: human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption".

    At the end of the day, governments at whatever level, all have people (you and me) working for them. We want to save our environment for future generations, and have a comfortable retirement. Therefore if you work for a government, regardless of level, please ensure your government, like corporate business; start to think outside the box.

    Start by getting your government department to become an E’Co - an Environmentally Concerned Organisation Today.

    Premium & Services

    Think of it logically, businesses are people you and me. The environment, waste reduction and recycling are one of your biggest assets. If you think it is a liability, you are wasting money!

    E’Co are encouraging people, you and me to save money and the environment at home by adopting good house-keeping practices by turning off power when not in use, stop taps running needlessly, not wasting paper, food, etc. Now people come to work all motivated and eager to save. Does your business want them to carry on at work and save the business money by cutting down wastage too? You and the business benefit financially and the environment benefits too. A win - win.

    Therefore, E’Co are encouraging people to become E’Co’s - Environmentally Concerned Operators. We need businesses to follow the motivation and become E’Co's Environmentally Concerned Organisation.

    Is your business an E'Co - an Environmentally Concerned Organisation? What level?
  • Finally don't get left behind. All the big guys are now asking down the line if they are. Sooner or later the question will be asked to you. At least show you tried.

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    Cover your moral, ethical, environmental and social obligations and responsibilities and give your shareholders and investors (E’Co’s) what they are looking for. Is your corporate body an E’Co? An Environmentally Concerned Organisation?
  • Your organisation can do more!

    Most Corporate businesses look at their “Corporate Social Responsibility” and plant a few trees to appease any mention of environmental awareness and performance.

    Corporate business is just one piece of a 1,000 piece environmental jigsaw. Corporate business’ must now look outside their organisation to the wider arena, and how their organisation fits into the global picture, environmentally speaking. The world is only a small place after all, and eyes are looking at your from all over the world.

    Take the banking sector for example; What would they all say to saving hundreds of millions of dollars per year, each, if they came together, for environmental purposes? What about initiatives for the fast food industry, soft drinks industry, the car industry? Joining and becoming an E’Co is about thinking outside the square. One foot squarely on extra profits and or cost saving, while the other foot is being socially responsible, reducing your own carbon footprint, and helping all of us to save the environment for our future generations. Remember corporate business is actually made up of people. People like you and me. E’Co has children, parents, schools, smaller businesses and governments all in one organisation, all going in one direction. See how E’Co can help your organisation further meet or improve its corporate, environmental, social, moral and ethical obligations and responsibilities. If your corporation is a leader show your global audience what level you have achieved.

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    Why will World of E'Co work? Because E’Co are not interested in pockets full of money, we are happy to share what we have created for free to people.

    Let’s put it another way. The internet was one man’s property. This man was unselfish and shared it with the world. Many people have found riches from his vision, but his vision enriched billions of lives.

    World of E'Co is also free in the hope of saving the environment for many generations to come. That includes your children.

    Your job is simple. For example, all you have to do is contact all the people in your postcode/zip code and tell them to list products or services on this web page.

    Then encourage these people, along with your friends, family and work colleagues to tell their friends and family, that if they want to save “money” and the environment, all they have to do is get onto this web page and find their local tradie, or supplier. Because they are looking for local people, the local people get more business and hopefully pass on the savings to the customer. Everybody is a winner..

    The Supplier

    The Customer

    And the Environment

    There is so much we can do to save the environment and it costs zero.

    Help us build, grow & make a difference by contacting us with details.

    Do you have more questions or less answer? Contact us.